Are you looking for affordable office furniture for your office? Do you need to sell your old office furniture due to a relocation or remodel? We've got you covered. Wolverine Commercial Furnishings buys and sells used office furniture and equipment in and around Ann Arbor and Farmington Hills, Michigan to help your business prosper.

Whether you're trying to recover some of the cost of your old furniture or want to save money on an office furniture purchase, we can help.

Improve the bottom line for your business. Call us today to learn more about our money-saving office furniture services.


3 reasons you'll love our pre-owned office furniture options

Wolverine Commercial Furnishings does more than just buy and sell used office furniture and equipment in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. We take extra steps to make your furniture purchasing experience hassle-free, such as:

  1. Picking up the used furniture from your office
  2. Inviting you to browse our selection of used furniture for purchase
  3. Planning and designing a layout for your used furniture at your request

Don't just buy or sell used office furniture. Contact us today to experience our full range of office furniture services.